May 21, 2012 0

Fruits and Vegetables For Anti Aging

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Are you worried about wrinkles starting to show up? Do you think your skin is slowly sagging each and every day? Well, those are definitely signs of aging which is something that will always be inevitable. However, there are ways that you can take to slow down the entire process of aging, thus making you look younger for longer years. Perhaps increasing your daily dosage of fruits and veggies would be at your best aid for anti-aging.

Why fruits and vegetables for anti aging? There are a lot of reasons why. First off, let’s talk about the fruits. Fruits are rich in natural vitamins such, especially D and E which are both involved in providing a moisturized look for the skin. Aside from the fact that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it also repels the wrinkles and sags away.

Rather than always munching on those unhealthy meals that contain too much saturated fat, vegetables would be your best alternatives, especially the green leafy ones. Why would that be? That is simply because they carry great amounts of natural anti-oxidants that can help fight all the free radicals throughout your body. A good example would be glutathione and beta-carotene which can give your skin a rich healthy colour with a glowing complexion.

Fruits and vegetables also contain metabolic boosters such as L-Carnitine which can help you obtain or maintain a great figure, especially when you have an active lifestyle through exercise. There are also a lot of ways that you an enjoy fruits and veggies. You can make a good snack out of them too. A good way to do so would be by preparing vegetable salad made out of spinach and lettuce with vinaigrette, topped off with some of your favourite fruit slices like mangoes, apples and oranges. While you’re savouring their flavourful taste, you are also slowing down the skin again process.

With all the natural qualities of fruits and vegetables, they are surely your healthiest anti-aging solutions.

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